Big Changes

February 27, 2019

It’s been over two years since I’ve written a blog post. I have to admit, the past few years have been very tough for me and many things I’d like to have done, I just couldn’t keep up with.

Most of you know that I have late stage Lyme disease. While I do my best to keep upbeat about it whenever possible, and am constantly finding new ways to combat this systemic infection to prevent it from taking my life, the downside is that it does affect how I live, every day. I’m grateful to be alive, which is uncommon at 45 years+ post-infection. But I do often struggle with the day to day issues I live with.


Among many other issues, one thing that has been devastating to me is my inability to drive for the past several years. I always loved driving, and beginning around 20 years ago, I started experiencing vertigo issues. My Lyme specialist explained that I had damage from the bacteria to the nerve that connects the inner ear to the brain, which garbled the signal the brain receives. Around that time, I had to discontinue highway driving as the greater speed exacerbated the vertigo. As time went on, the situation worsened and I finally had to give up around-town driving as well.

Unfortunately, my home in Ladson was in a large neighborhood whose only access is College Park Road – not a highway, but certainly far more fast-paced than my situation can handle. I can drive roughly 25-30mph on a good day, but certainly not what’s required on that road. Add in traffic whizzing past and the vertigo worsens. When I moved there in late 2014, the plan was to be closer to my best friend Rachel whom in all ways but blood was my sister. I also had other friends in the vicinity whom I planned to see much more frequently.

Devastatingly, Rachel passed away about a year after I moved in. All but one of the other friends in the area whom I’d planned to see more often became too busy to spend time with me or help me go anywhere. And the paid helper I had one evening a week quit not long after Rachel’s death. All of these circumstances led to my being completely isolated; unable to leave the house to go anywhere or do much of anything. I was dealing with horrific grief at the loss of the one person I considered family here, and the one person who really “got” me. And I was doing so alone.

My new home

It wasn’t only the grief; the isolation was unhealthy and very negative. I literally felt like I was jailed in my home. There were times I went as long as six months without being able to leave my property. It was a horrible time. I felt myself sinking, physically and emotionally over the following few years.

That entire time, I kept seeking somewhere I could afford to move where I would have better support. I even considered leaving the state if it meant going somewhere I could get out of the house and have some semblance of a healthy life. Every option I considered came up short; one problem or another got in the way – typically the strict limitations banks have nowadays on home loans. Because much of my income fluctuates, and I am limited in how much I’m able to work so am fairly low income anyway, I do not qualify to purchase a home at the much higher rates they are nowadays in the places that would be healthier for me to live. It was an extremely frustrating scenario, and one I spent many hours per month working on finding a solution to.  Then, a bit over a year ago, my one other friend living in the vicinity decided to move to West Ashley to avoid the ever-increasing commute she’d made for years.  As horrible as traffic had become, I certainly couldn’t blame her.  But it was my proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

One of my new raised bed gardens I'm building and planting!

Finally, in fall 2018, I realized I was on a downward spiral and no matter how many healing modalities I had to utilize, being holed up in my home there was forcing me downhill because of isolation, stagnant energy, and the inability to have a social life and take part in activities I enjoy. I realized I had to do something out of character and take a huge risk.

I began looking at rental homes in West Ashley. The rental market in that area has risen dramatically, but not so drastically as home sales which were completely out of my reach (for those who don’t know, a comparable home to my Ladson one is roughly double the price here in West Ashley!). I decided to find a rental home and then rent out my own home to help cover some of the costs.


It was exhausting, but over the next two months I took an Uber to West Ashley and back 2-3 times per week, relying on credit cards to cover the high charges ranging from $50-60 round trip each time. Ideally, I would have looked at several homes each trip but because of the time of year, there were typically only one or two available that appeared to meet my needs at any given time. I was regularly disappointed when a property that looked wonderful online looked like a dump in person, had unsafe features such as exposed electrical wiring or falling-in floors, or was significantly smaller than advertised.  And while I knew I’d be renting a place I technically could not afford, some of these were insanely expensive to boot!

2019-02-26 17.05.06

And then I struck gold.  Well, at least it seems like gold!  I’m trusting it’s not fool’s gold :).  I found a home advertised privately and was already acquainted with the property manager from a former home awhile back.  Even though the place wasn’t quite ready to show, she gave me full reign to get in a bit early before they showed it to anyone else – and then did everything she could to encourage me to rent it.  It’s a lovely home on a dead-end street in a quiet neighborhood – well, quiet except when the Canada geese decide to line up on the other side of the small pond behind it and honk loudly!

Being ill, unable to drive, and having a lot of stuff – including all the things I need because of my illness plus all I need to maintain two businesses from home – it took me two months to get moved after I signed my lease.  I anticipated between 2-3 months, and it was technically just shy of two.  I’ve accumulated a huge amount of debt from all the expenses involved, but am trusting the Universe that it will all work out in time, and that being back in West Ashley near friends and fun activities will help me to heal more so I can do more.  And I also believe that I’m more likely to attract more clients from this location.

I’m finally moved in, as of February 9th I finished moving my things from the old house.  It’s currently listed for rent, and I am trusting I will have wonderful tenants in there very soon!  I’m using Charleston Rental Properties based in Mt Pleasant to manage the Ladson property for me as I’m unable to do all of that myself.

The white egret that visited me recently

Meanwhile, I’m already working on a garden here, and am growing various veggies and herbs.  I had a small removable deck built behind the house, because I needed a surface for the hot tub I use for therapeutic purposes, and am enjoying spending time watching the waterbirds when they visit.  Yesterday, I had three ibises sitting across the water from me.  I didn’t have my camera handy, but after two left I was able to watch the third take his time fishing for his lunch until he walked too far down the bank for me to see him.  I’ve awakened to the sound of songbirds in the trees behind the property on the bank of the pond, and watched hawks, vultures, and cormorants fly overhead.  I even had a white egret walk along behind my yard, catching his lunch from the shallow water and not caring that I was watching him with delight!  Mallard ducks sometimes come up into my neighbor’s yard as she has less brush between hers and the water, but that’s just fine since I can see them clearly without worrying about stepping in duck poop :).

All of this is super exciting for me!  The other day, I went to a yoga class on my own – first time I’ve been able to do something like that in over four years.  The class itself wasn’t exactly what I’d been looking for, but the experience absolutely was!  Getting out of the house, being with other people, having the freedom to go where I wanted.  It was simply exhilarating!

I still have quite a bit more unpacking and organizing to finish.  I’m taking it as it comes, since I seriously overdid it while seeking a home and then moving, and don’t want to push my luck.  I also want to dive in and enjoy my new home as much as possible in between working on settling in.  I’m planning to resume seeing in-person clients and students by mid to late March, and in the meanwhile am also focusing on distance Reiki sessions, teaching long distance students, phone EFT sessions, and phone past life regressions.

I will be posting photos of my living room, aka studio (they are now combined), as soon as it is fully set up!

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Intimacy… What Happened?

February 14, 2017

Hello Everyone, and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all~

Today, I found myself pondering the question of intimacy. I come across one person after another in both my professional and personal life who is afraid to say what they really think, what they really feel. Even when they deeply care about someone, they are afraid to open up and reveal their true selves. And we can’t truly be intimate with someone else unless we can be our true selves.  Does any of this sound like you?:heart

  • I’m afraid of what they will think if I tell them how I really feel
  • I’m afraid that they will think less of me if…
  • I’m afraid that they won’t like me any more
  • I’m afraid I’ll sound stupid
  • I’m afraid they’ll leave

I could go on and on, but you get the basic idea.  Where did all of this fear come from?  Why are we, as a society, so afraid of what others think?  Where does all of this insecurity comes from?

1. We are taught as children to pretend to be something we’re not.

Sadly, this is true for most adults in the US, and perhaps many other countries as well.  Our parents believed that they had to put on a facade for the rest of the world, so they taught us to do the same.  So many people, even well into adulthood, struggle to break out of this pattern – if they even realize they’re in it in the first place!

But, it IS possible to let go of this limiting belief.  And, it’s easier than you might think.

2. Many of us have been mocked or otherwise made fun of for being authentic. Or, at some point we’ve “let our guard down” and said something authentic, only for the person hearing it to disappear from our lives.

Yes, there are many people who can act cruelly, and others who have haven’t intended any harm but when we are particularly vulnerable it can feel devastating.  But, whenever someone behaves in such a way, they are reacting to their own fears!  We usually can’t escape what we feel on the inside, though many people make an art form out of trying!  But few of us take the time and manage to step back and view a situation from the other person’s point of view.  How?

Ask questions.  If someone has reacted to your being authentic in a negative way, or what YOU perceive to be negative, try not to react.  Try instead to ask questions to learn what s/he actually meant by that comment.  Be genuinely curious.  Remember, even if you’re feeling hurt, chances are that s/he is feeling something also, which could be fear, hurt, or something else entirely.  You don’t know if you don’t ask.  Keep asking questions to clarify until you feel that you understand as best as possible, and then ask if you are accurate while outlining what you heard.  Let him/her correct you if you’ve misunderstood. If you’re STILL feeling hurt, now is the time to tell him/her how you feel about what s/he said…

Remember that when we feel hurt, we often lash out at the injurious party.  “YOU did ___, YOU said ___, (and the worst of all) YOU ALWAYS ____.”  Sadly, that doesn’t solve anything, but almost always causes the person we’re talking with to go on the defensive.  Now, what began as one comment that we felt hurt about into opening up many hurts on both sides.

Instead of responding this way, be genuine, but say it from the heart.  “When you said ___, I felt ___ because of ___.” is a great formula to work with.  It takes practice to stop the knee-jerk reactions, but this method of communication shows compassion for both the other person as well as ourselves.  It helps us to form deeper, more meaningful relationships with our friends, family members, and romantic partners.  Then and only then can true intimacy flourish.

3. Many of us aren’t comfortable in our own skin, so feel we’re unlovable.

This is the saddest issue of all, yet it’s become an epidemic!  Do you truly love yourself for who you are?  How many people do you know who do?  A study in New Zealand recently showed that 95% of adults had poor self esteem, and my guess is that it’s about the same here in the U.S.   That’s a sad number.  And the old adage is true – before anyone else can love you, you have to love yourself!

Yes, that might seem like an insurmountable mountain.  But, I’ve helped many people over the years to learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, let go of insecurities, and ultimately find self-love.  Everyone has the ability to do this on their own, but it can seem scary without help.  For more information on how I may be able to help you to find and love your true self, thereby improving your relationships with others, please contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping in any way I can.



Disclaimer:  This is not a substitute for counseling or other psychological help. I am not a physician or mental health professional, nor am I in any way shape or form prescribing any treatment.  Energy healing is a wonderful compliment to traditional therapy.  If you have severe depression, trauma, or are considering suicide, please contact a qualified mental health professional.



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Bring Down the Wall!

January 22, 2017

Anyone my generation or older is familiar with that phrase… from the Berlin Wall, to hearing the Pink Floyd song! But, don’t many of us have our own walls?

I was reminded of this common issue by a man who recently asked how he could trust if someone said they loved him. So many have walls they don’t even know how to bring down, how to trust, how to take someone at their word. We’ve all been hurt at some point in our lives, but as individuals, every one of us is affected differently by these traumas. Some vow to never love again, some turn to drugs, alcohol, or other less conspicuous addictions to mask the pain, while many others put up emotional walls around themselves.

These people with walls often don’t show it. They may have relationships that appear loving and healthy to the casual observer, but the other half of the relationship feels something missing, a lack of trust, a lack of bonding, or a lack of intimacy. What to do about this? Is it possible to heal?

First, the person with the walls has to WANT to bring them down. I learned the hard way, many years ago, that you can’t force it on someone. No matter how badly you want them to open up, no matter how much you love that person, if he or she doesn’t want to heal, you cannot make it happen.

Once someone truly wants to heal, wants to open up, panic often sets in… these walls have been a security blanket for a long time, for some, most of their lives. Fear is normal, and fear is good. When I see a client with this type of fear, I start with gentle Reiki to help him relax, and for general healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). I also suggest one or more essential oils for grounding and releasing.

My next step is turning to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or tapping. We work together, usually over the phone although in-person sessions are sometimes available, and I lead him through gently releasing the fear, at the pace that he is comfortable with. I often use percentages as the “charge” – or the strength of the emotion – is gradually reduced. We may start with releasing as little as 5% of the fear, as that amount alone might feel huge to someone. Because most people with this issue are terrified of letting go of their fear, we begin by just working on the willingness to let it go. By coming to me and seeking help, at least part of that person clearly wants to let go of it, but usually there is another side that is afraid to let it go, wants its protection and security.

Little by little, we work at readiness to release the fear. In the process, some or even all of the fear dissipates! It’s amazing how quickly this work usually goes and how much progress clients make. That said, I am always reluctant to tell anyone how many sessions will be required to accomplish a specific goal, because everyone is different. I’ve seen clients overcome what seemed a huge trauma within just two sessions, but for most it takes longer. And there are always so many other factors that even the clients themselves may not have been consciously aware of until we delved into our work. For something like this, if it goes back to early childhood, I usually suggest a minimum of six sessions but it could take twice that, or more.

Concurrently with these sessions, which can be weekly or even bi-weekly, I always recommend daily meditation. A lot of people new to meditation tell me that no, they couldn’t possibly do that, but it’s not as difficult as it seems when it’s explained properly! Meditation has amazing properties – many of which have been scientifically proven! – and can be extremely helpful in lowering the walls.

I believe that we are all one, in unity and togetherness, and putting up walls out of fear only disallows this unity. My goal is for each and every person to have fulfilling, close, intimate relationships with family, friends, and romantic partnerships. We can even open up to total strangers, because we’re all members of the human family, and we’re all sharing our home – planet Earth – together.

Disclaimer: This is not to be construed as medical advice. I am not a physician or psychotherapist, and none of these practices are intended to substitute for such. Many psychotherapists do believe that EFT and/or Reiki are wonderful *compliments* to traditional therapy, however. While I am not a licensed medical practitioner, I am an ordained minister and as such, use spiritual counseling along with these related alternative practices to assist people in their spiritual journeys.

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The End of an Era

March 1, 2016

vegas with parsley

Tonight, I am writing about something very personal to me.  I have not posted a blog entry in a year’s time, and I intend to make an effort over the remainder of 2016 to write at least one per month!  But, I thank my loyal readers (if I have any left!) for your patience with me.

On February 29th, 2016, a lovely soul departed this earth.  His name was Vegas Dice, and he was a five-pound rabbit full of attitude, or shall I say “rabbitude”.  Many of you know that I have been involved in rabbit rescue and education for over two decades, and Vegas was a bunny I rescued from an area shelter on October 23rd, 2007.  He was roughly 6 months old at the time.  Vegas Dice was named thus because he had three black spots down the middle of his otherwise white back, and the shelter worker mentioned that he looked like a “dice” rolled on a three.  She wanted to just name him “Dice”; I added the “Vegas” part (perhaps at the suggestion of someone else, I honestly don’t remember!).

Vegas stayed at my house for a couple of days, then went on to another temporary foster home for a few days.  Following that, he was placed in the PetSmart adoption area where our group had cages reserved for this purpose.  Some rabbits were not cut out to be in the noisy store and became overstressed by this, but Vegas was not really bothered in the least.  He was content and happy there. (To the right, Vegas at a fosterer’s home, 12-26-2007 – just before going to his forever home).

Not long afterward, I was contacted by someone who was looking for her first rabbit companion.  We met up at the store, and she hit it off great with Vegas.  He had a minor medical issue that we needed to resolve before he could go to his new home, and my group had various steps in place before a bunny went to a new home anyway.  On January 1st of 2008, Vegas went to his new home, with the human mommy he would have for the rest of his life. (Below photo was taken 10-23-2007, just after leaving the shelter. His paws were actually white, but the shelter had lined his cage there with newspaper and so they were horribly stained. After arriving in our foster care, he spent weeks grooming them until they were finally sparkling white).


At the same time, a beautiful friendship was born.  The woman who adopted him kept in touch with me regarding Vegas’ care, and we became fast friends.  I cannot thank Vegas enough for that.  But, let me back up.

When Vegas came to us, he was not yet neutered.  So, the first time I met him, he humped my leg incessantly and I could barely tear him off of me.  And rabbits don’t hump quite the same as dogs do – when humping another rabbit, they use their teeth to “hold on”.  Yes, Vegas did this to my leg as well – ouch!   Even after his neuter was complete, and his hormones had time to settle down, he continued to greet me with – you guessed it, humping my leg.  I would go to visit my new dear friend, and his mommy also, and Vegas would race out to greet me, grab onto my calf with his teeth, and hump away.  This went on for at least a few years after he was neutered, and even after that he would do this once in awhile when I saw him.  Much as the practice was awkward, not to mention painful (I could NEVER go there wearing shorts!!!), I still enjoyed knowing that I was the only person he did this with, and he and I shared a special bond.

Vegas had a huge personality.  Sometimes I suspect that he fancied himself a puppy.  He wanted to be in the middle of everything, including all of my friend’s daughter’s toys.  He came out to see you when you walked in, just like a puppy.  And he often wanted to be in your lap – especially if parsley was involved (ok, not as puppy like, but far closer than many rabbits I know!).  He played hard, he loved hard, and his intelligence and creativity were astounding.  He found creating ways to evade the most inventive bunny-proofing measures I know, and when his mind was set on chewing a particular cord, it took a 2 inch thick cover to prevent that – and sometimes, even that wasn’t good enough.2.2.2008

I’ve known more bunnies in my life than I can easily count.  I don’t think I have ever met a bunny with a personality even close to Vegas’.  Much as I always loved the bunnies of my own, I cherished every visit with Vegas and his mommy, never knowing what type of antics to expect from him.  He kept me laughing every time I saw him, and every time his mommy called me to say, “Do YOU know what YOUR nephew did today?” – which always meant trouble.  He was too smart for his own good, and despite having a human mommy of incredible intelligence, he outsmarted her regularly.  To the right, Vegas is lounging out with his new human sister’s toys, after proclaiming himself “King of the Castle” – just a month after his adoption.

This past weekend, Vegas was very ill.  We do not have emergency vets who treat rabbits in this area, which is terrifying if you’re a bunny mommy (or a bunny aunt), and your baby is ill.  I desperately hope that this practice changes someday, and that all animal hospitals are equipped with at least one rabbit-savvy vet.  But, as things are now, one has to get by the best we can with internet research and connections with other experienced bunny people around the country to learn what you can possibly do at home to keep them going until the regular rabbit-savvy vet is in Monday morning.  Vegas arrived at the rabbit-savvy vet this morning and was treated gently and with honor.  Unfortunately, his issue was far more complex than we imagined.  It turned out that he had cancer, and it was quite advanced.  This little 5-pound bunny had a tumour the size of a golf ball near his kidney.  There was nothing that could be done, and the vet insisted upon euthanasia because of its advanced state.

I am sad that Vegas is no longer in his adorable little body.  I am sad that I hadn’t seen him in some months, and that I could not say goodbye.  I can talk to his spirit, and I am grateful for that gift.  Tonight, I will sit and connect with him, ensure that he has found his way to “crossing over”, and talk with him.  But, it’s not the same as petting his broad little bunny head or having him poke me insisting on more parsley.  I will miss him in his physical form.  But I am eternally grateful that I was able to be a part of his life for the past 8 1/2 years, and that I had the honorary title of “Aunt” to him – or sometimes called his “other Mommy”.  Vegas, thank you for being you.

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One Session Wonder!

February 15, 2015

In the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) world, there is a term we all use called a “one session wonder”.  This happens once in awhile, when a client’s issue is completely resolved in just one session.  Please keep in mind that no practitioner can ever promise this to anyone, and it only works out this way with a small percentage of clients – most require multiple sessions over weeks or months.  But every now and then, wonders happen, and happen fast!

Last month, four weeks ago to date, I worked with a woman who had a serious drinking problem.  She did not approach me as an alcoholic, but rather told me that she had sleep issues and “needed a couple of glasses of wine at night to sleep”.  At first, I thought we would be working on sleep issues.  But the more in depth I spoke with her, I realized quickly that she drank far more than a couple of glasses of wine every night, eventually passing out intoxicated.

I helped her to pinpoint when she first began this behavior, and she had difficulty remembering.  She is a single mother to a college aged son, so we used her son’s age to help her remember different time periods in her life, and if she had been drinking nightly during each of those periods.  We finally managed to trace the addiction beginning approximately 10 years ago based on her son’s age around the time it began.

When I asked her what was happening in her life when her son was that age, she began to describe a very difficult situation.  Her son was in a private school because she felt the public school where they lived was unsafe, and his father had been paying the tuition but was talking about discontinuing this and putting him back into public school.  As a result, she was terrified for her child’s safety.  The father had also stopped other means of financial support, and she was struggling horribly with home finances and was afraid of losing their home and of having enough to eat.

We tapped on all of this while she talked about it.  We did several rounds tapping about the fear for her son’s safety, the fear for having a safe home, and fear around paying other bills and buying food.  This brought us to an underlying limiting belief, that she had been a bad mother.  Her son is currently doing very well in college, has top grades, and has grown into a very responsible, caring, and intelligent young man.  There was no logical basis in her current life or her current relationship with her son to suggest she’d been a bad mother, but that past situation 10 years ago had made her feel at the time as though she was, and she hadn’t even consciously realized she’d been carrying that feeling all of these years.  She was very surprised at the outpouring of emotion she had about this feeling as we tapped through it.

Once we’d tapped enough that the feeling of being a bad mother was completely down to a zero, we were able to move forward.  She had begun drinking wine nightly while going through that very difficult time in her life, because otherwise she would lie in bed thinking about the situation and feeling highly stressed about it, unable to relax or sleep.  Once that past situation was neutralized by our tapping, we approached the idea of her being afraid now that she would not be able to sleep without drinking.

We tapped on the current fear, “Even though I have this fear that I can’t sleep without drinking wine, I choose to remember that my situation now is completely different from 10 years ago when I was so scared for my son.  I have enough income to pay my bills with some left over, my son is doing great and we have a wonderful relationship, and I am a good mother.  I choose to realize that with this new situation I’ll be able to sleep deeply and awaken refreshed without a hangover if I don’t drink wine…”  At this stage, we were also able to add “and I deeply and completely love myself anyway” whereas prior to clearing out her buried feeling of being a bad mother, the closest we could get to that was “I would like to love and accept myself”!

We were getting closer.  She had a few other aspects about drinking wine; she enjoyed its taste, she enjoyed the feeling of relaxation and letting the day go.  But once the bigger issues were released, she realized that it wasn’t worth the feeling of drunkenness each night or the hangover feeling every morning.  We were quickly able to zero out letting go of tasting wine, and to zero out the idea of relaxing and letting the day go without wine.

When we finished our 90-minute session, L was feeling excited and ready to embrace a new way of life.  She realized she had no desire to go and buy wine, and in anticipation of our session she had not purchased any to keep in her home ahead of time.

In the past four weeks, L has completely let go of this addiction!  She no longer feels like she needs to drink wine or any other alcohol, and has not tried to substitute another addiction (a common problem for those trying to quit addictive behaviors) for the alcohol.  Twice she has had one or two glasses of wine in a social setting, but did not feel any desire for more – unlike prior to our session, when she described that she would often intend to just have one or two glasses but once she started drinking, she could not stop until she finished the bottle.

I was delighted to hear of L’s results!  I was a bit concerned the first time she mentioned having had a glass of wine, because while I’m no expert, I’m familiar enough with addictive behaviors to know that it often starts back up as one or two, and rapidly escalates back to the same level as before.  I initially thought we would have to have several follow up sessions to keep her from falling back into the same destructive behavior, but she is so excited to awaken feeling so refreshed each day, and loves being able to go to bed clear-headed each night.  An added plus that I snuck into our tapping session was that not buying wine would save her a great deal of money each month, which would help her save for a vacation she’s been wanting to take, and she is enjoying seeing her budget’s changes without buying wine as well!

I feel honored that I was able to help L to make these changes in her life.  I also feel excited for her!

If you are ready to make major changes in your life to live to your full potential, please contact me to set up an initial consultation.  I look forward to many more success stories, including yours!

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What are YOU the product of?

November 3, 2014

We are all, to some extent, the product of our upbringing.  For the most part, it’s what our parents teach us, especially at very young ages, that we retain and believe as fact.  It’s also what we learn from others we’re close to when young, what we see on the media, and what our society in general teaches us.

A great example of this is religion.  While some people do decide at some point ranging from the rebellious teen years into adulthood to change religious beliefs from what they were raised with, the majority stick with – or at least return to – what they were raised on.  This is even more true for those who grow up in a region or country that has one dominant religion.  It doesn’t even occur to most people to question that.  It’s all they know, and so difficult to try and imagine it from another perspective, much less alter their own!

The same can be true for basics that we don’t generally think about.  The little things.

I’ve been making a strong effort over the past few years to live more green, and finding new ways to do so.  I’ve had some shocked comments, though, about the manner in which I’ve done this.

For example, I have reduced the amount of trash I put into the landfill down to one kitchen sized bag of waste roughly every 3-4 weeks.  I’m quite proud of that fact, but many people who don’t know me that I share this with exclaim something to the effect of “doesn’t your whole house stink?”  or just plain “gross!”.

What they don’t see is that the average American is accustomed to putting everything and anything into a garbage bag, sending it off to the landfill, and never giving a second thought to it.  And as a society, we are wasteful.  We waste everything such as broken electronics that we no longer have repairmen to fix because we’d rather buy shiny new ones when they break, so the TV repair business has become obsolete.  And we waste food; hordes of food.  That’s what most people are probably referring to when I proudly tell them how little I’m wasting.

Do I ever waste food?  Yes.  I’m human, and I goof up at times.  I try not to, but it happens.  But on the average week, the only food I have that is not consumed are the stems of grapes, cores of apples, or trimmings of broccoli stems.  The broccoli stems my rabbit is all too happy to take care of for me.  The stems and cores go into a composting bin.  For many months, as I’m still an apartment dweller until I’m moved into my new home, I’ve had folks who want extra compost for their own backyard piles come and pick up a couple of times a month.  It’s a great arrangement – they get extra composting material, more than their own family can create (and my bunny creates quite a bit with his soiled hay and poo!), and I get to have those materials gone to good use rather than in a landfill.

But aside from those few items, I rarely have food waste.  I’m not dumping scads of leftovers into the trash each day, each week, or even each year.  When I do have waste, it’s because I forgot something in the refrigerator that has gone bad, and then that is added to the compost.

But most of us weren’t raised that way.

Anything we weren’t raised with has the potential to seem foreign, weird, even scary.  But if you really think about it, what we were raised with has created an identity for us.  That is great when we are kids, even as very young adults.  But there comes a time when we should be ready to create our own identity.  This should be a combination of some things we were raised on that work for us, truly, even after examining differing ways of doing things, and things that we realize eventually that don’t work or resonate with us deep down, after we shed the layers of doing it just because our parents did.

It’s not very easy to erase that conditioning, even with bad habits.  But it can be done!  Start examining your life.  Think about how you do things, from the bigger important things like child rearing, keeping finances, and where you live, right down to the small mundane things.  Maybe the way you do dishes is just like your mom did them, but you hate doing dishes?  Perhaps there’s a better way, one that didn’t occur to you simply because you were following the pattern?  Or anything else in your life that craves change?

Knowing WHERE you want the changes to happen is the first step.  Then, those changes can become a reality.  If you have difficulty implementing them yourself, I can help you to do so, using a combination of Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help you let go of the old and embrace the new.  Often, change can be an amazing gift!

Please contact me if you are interested in making change happen in your life!

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New Space!

October 19, 2014

white-daturasI am very excited to pre-announce the new studio for Charleston Reiki & Well Be-ing Center!  My new space is close to Charleston, but physically located in Ladson, SC.  It’s very close to I-26, and right near the borders of Goose Creek, Summerville, and North Charleston.  How convenient!

Those of you who have worked with me in person have probably visited my West Ashely townhome.  The new space is a separate studio, though adjacent to my new home.  It will feature a warm, peaceful, and inviting space with soft colors and relaxing furnishings.  We’ll also have a comfy recliner and a full sized sofa to make things a bit more homy!

I will be temporarily unavailable for past life regression and in-person Reiki sessions until my transition to the new space is complete.  Right now, work is underway to transform the space into the perfect studio, and also preparing my home for me to move into.  Once I’m moved and settled, and the studio is ready, I will resume those services!  I apologize for any inconvenience, but I know it will be worth it.

I will also be introducing a variety of workshops and other gatherings in the new space beginning early 2015.  We’ll have meditation circles, Reiki shares, Reiki training workshops, and much more!  Most of you have not likely thought about New Year’s Resolutions yet, but now is the time to start planning before your calendar (and mine!) fill up.  Plan for 2015 to be designated for a healthier you, and to attend the workshops whenever possible, and/or work with me long distance if you’re not in the area or the timing is inconvenient for you.

Not nearly as great of an announcement but of interest to many of you as well – I am about to announce officially my distance Reiki packages.  Receive 10-15% off regular session rates by purchasing in blocks of 8 sessions, to be used twice weekly for four weeks.  Or contact me to customize a package that best suits you personally!

I am so excited about the new studio and would love to share this image with you, showing the new exterior nearly done!

painted front2

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Prophylactics – the Energetic Variety

July 26, 2014

No, we aren’t talking condoms here.  That would be a very different entry, and one that probably belongs on a different blog!

The Miriam-Webster dictionary lists the #2 definition of a prophylactic as “tending to prevent or ward off, preventative”.

So what would an energetic prophylactic do?  (It’s okay, folks.  You can just call it “energetic protection” if you prefer!)

We are continually exposed to energy around us.  Some feels good, and some doesn’t.  Some we may not want inside of our own energy bodies.  The average person walks through life not really paying attention to this.  Let’s take a woman named Jane, for example (yes, I made that up!).  Jane is at work, she was having a perfectly nice day.  Nothing in particular was bothering her, and she even got a decent night’s sleep before work.  Jane’s co-worker Tom (made that up too!) works near her.  Tom is feeling really stressed, really overtired, and is on a short fuse.  Now is is very angry at their boss after a short meeting, when the boss told him he really had to pay more attention and make fewer errors.

astonished business woman with hands on headJane is unaware of all of this, at least consciously.  But her energy is very aware.  Jane finds that she is starting to feel a bit tired, and gets herself an extra cup of coffee.  Then Jane starts to feel a bit angry, though had she thought about it, she would have realized she wasn’t angry at anyone or anything in particular.  It sort of came out of nowhere.  Her anger finds a target.  She remembers something that her boyfriend said a couple of days ago that felt a bit critical.  Now, she gets even more angry, and when she has a break, she calls her boyfriend and starts to yell at him.  They have a huge argument and decide not to see each other that night.

Later that night, Jane wonders why she hadn’t been angry at her boyfriend sooner.  It crosses her mind that it did seem to come out of nowhere, but then she chalks that up to having a busy schedule and goes to bed.  She doesn’t sleep well, tossing and turning, and even has a nightmare.  She wakes up the next day feeling miserable.

Jane never had any idea about where that emotion of anger came from.  If she had really stopped to think, she might have realized that the feeling of anger came prior to remembering her boyfriend’s comment.  She would remember that while she was not happy with the comment her boyfriend had made, it really hadn’t bothered her that much at the time, and she had decided to let it go two days prior to blowing up at him!

So, what happened?  Tom’s negative emotions were so huge that they latched onto the first thing they found – Jane’s energy.  They basically “infected” Jane, causing her to feel a similar emotion.  This happens to people all of the time, and most of us have little awareness of it, just like Jane.

This is also a very simplistic example.  A negative emotion might present itself a bit differently in one person than the next.  Jane could have just as easily started feeling extremely sad, rather than angry.  It also could have been someone else entirely who affected her in another scenario – physical distance does not matter!  Those we have a strong relationship with can affect us from their emotions from a long physical distance away.  They are not usually conscious of it either, and send out cords of energy to us because of our close ties.

What can we do about this?  There are many ways to protect yourself energetically.  This is one of the first things I teach in my channeling workshops, but even if you aren’t interested in channeling it is a very useful set of tools for anyone.   There are many different methods of protection, but one of my favorites that I teach is the “energy bubble”.  This is a bubble that you can learn to put up around yourself with merely a thought, though it requires much more concentration when you are first learning to use it.

As a fun beginning exercise, sit comfortably and take your two hands, and rub your palms together like you are washing your hands, sans soap and water.  When they start to feel warm, slowly pull them about 6-8 inches away from one another.  Now very slowly, move them closer together.  Do you feel any resistance?  Then slowly move them further apart, maybe 12-15 inches this time.  Slowly bring them closer together.  You should still feel a little bit of resistance, as though there is an invisible bubble between them.  If not, that is fine, rub them together again and start again with a shorter distance between your hands, perhaps just a few inches.

With practice, you can make this bubble larger and larger, and eventually large enough to contain your entire body.  You can even learn to make it large enough to contain an entire room, or even your whole house!  In time, you can learn to create this bubble by thinking of it rather than needing your hands.

If you are in the Charleston area, please stay tuned for upcoming workshops on this topic.  If you are not in Charleston but would like to work with me one-on-one to learn these and other protection techniques, please check back as I am hoping to be able to offer private Skype classes later this year or early 2015.

Please be safe, and practice safe energy!


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I’m Back!

July 10, 2014

Fallen-Trees-The-Enchanted-Forest-Tervuren-Belgium-Elaine-KennedyHow exciting!  I have the fully functional blog up and running, and now it looks exactly like the rest of, just as it should!

That said, I accidentally deleted my old blog posts in the process, so if you are searching for those you will not find them.  BUT, if one of those topics interests you, please contact me and I will be more than happy to re-create the old post as best as possible!

Some of the many topics I’ve blogged about in the past include a variety of healing topics, channeling, past life regression, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, cultural differences between living in different states (who knew!?), tips for caring better for our planet, and de-cluttering our homes and our lives.

Phew!  That’s a LOT!

Please remember that you can email me at any time with any questions you  have.  I will do my best to get back to you quickly, though some topics are more appropriate discussed over the telephone so please include your phone number when you write.

Thank you!, and



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