Prophylactics – the Energetic Variety

July 26, 2014

No, we aren’t talking condoms here.  That would be a very different entry, and one that probably belongs on a different blog!

The Miriam-Webster dictionary lists the #2 definition of a prophylactic as “tending to prevent or ward off, preventative”.

So what would an energetic prophylactic do?  (It’s okay, folks.  You can just call it “energetic protection” if you prefer!)

We are continually exposed to energy around us.  Some feels good, and some doesn’t.  Some we may not want inside of our own energy bodies.  The average person walks through life not really paying attention to this.  Let’s take a woman named Jane, for example (yes, I made that up!).  Jane is at work, she was having a perfectly nice day.  Nothing in particular was bothering her, and she even got a decent night’s sleep before work.  Jane’s co-worker Tom (made that up too!) works near her.  Tom is feeling really stressed, really overtired, and is on a short fuse.  Now is is very angry at their boss after a short meeting, when the boss told him he really had to pay more attention and make fewer errors.

astonished business woman with hands on headJane is unaware of all of this, at least consciously.  But her energy is very aware.  Jane finds that she is starting to feel a bit tired, and gets herself an extra cup of coffee.  Then Jane starts to feel a bit angry, though had she thought about it, she would have realized she wasn’t angry at anyone or anything in particular.  It sort of came out of nowhere.  Her anger finds a target.  She remembers something that her boyfriend said a couple of days ago that felt a bit critical.  Now, she gets even more angry, and when she has a break, she calls her boyfriend and starts to yell at him.  They have a huge argument and decide not to see each other that night.

Later that night, Jane wonders why she hadn’t been angry at her boyfriend sooner.  It crosses her mind that it did seem to come out of nowhere, but then she chalks that up to having a busy schedule and goes to bed.  She doesn’t sleep well, tossing and turning, and even has a nightmare.  She wakes up the next day feeling miserable.

Jane never had any idea about where that emotion of anger came from.  If she had really stopped to think, she might have realized that the feeling of anger came prior to remembering her boyfriend’s comment.  She would remember that while she was not happy with the comment her boyfriend had made, it really hadn’t bothered her that much at the time, and she had decided to let it go two days prior to blowing up at him!

So, what happened?  Tom’s negative emotions were so huge that they latched onto the first thing they found – Jane’s energy.  They basically “infected” Jane, causing her to feel a similar emotion.  This happens to people all of the time, and most of us have little awareness of it, just like Jane.

This is also a very simplistic example.  A negative emotion might present itself a bit differently in one person than the next.  Jane could have just as easily started feeling extremely sad, rather than angry.  It also could have been someone else entirely who affected her in another scenario – physical distance does not matter!  Those we have a strong relationship with can affect us from their emotions from a long physical distance away.  They are not usually conscious of it either, and send out cords of energy to us because of our close ties.

What can we do about this?  There are many ways to protect yourself energetically.  This is one of the first things I teach in my channeling workshops, but even if you aren’t interested in channeling it is a very useful set of tools for anyone.   There are many different methods of protection, but one of my favorites that I teach is the “energy bubble”.  This is a bubble that you can learn to put up around yourself with merely a thought, though it requires much more concentration when you are first learning to use it.

As a fun beginning exercise, sit comfortably and take your two hands, and rub your palms together like you are washing your hands, sans soap and water.  When they start to feel warm, slowly pull them about 6-8 inches away from one another.  Now very slowly, move them closer together.  Do you feel any resistance?  Then slowly move them further apart, maybe 12-15 inches this time.  Slowly bring them closer together.  You should still feel a little bit of resistance, as though there is an invisible bubble between them.  If not, that is fine, rub them together again and start again with a shorter distance between your hands, perhaps just a few inches.

With practice, you can make this bubble larger and larger, and eventually large enough to contain your entire body.  You can even learn to make it large enough to contain an entire room, or even your whole house!  In time, you can learn to create this bubble by thinking of it rather than needing your hands.

If you are in the Charleston area, please stay tuned for upcoming workshops on this topic.  If you are not in Charleston but would like to work with me one-on-one to learn these and other protection techniques, please check back as I am hoping to be able to offer private Skype classes later this year or early 2015.

Please be safe, and practice safe energy!


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I’m Back!

July 10, 2014

Fallen-Trees-The-Enchanted-Forest-Tervuren-Belgium-Elaine-KennedyHow exciting!  I have the fully functional blog up and running, and now it looks exactly like the rest of, just as it should!

That said, I accidentally deleted my old blog posts in the process, so if you are searching for those you will not find them.  BUT, if one of those topics interests you, please contact me and I will be more than happy to re-create the old post as best as possible!

Some of the many topics I’ve blogged about in the past include a variety of healing topics, channeling, past life regression, Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, cultural differences between living in different states (who knew!?), tips for caring better for our planet, and de-cluttering our homes and our lives.

Phew!  That’s a LOT!

Please remember that you can email me at any time with any questions you  have.  I will do my best to get back to you quickly, though some topics are more appropriate discussed over the telephone so please include your phone number when you write.

Thank you!, and



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