Quit Smoking, Alcohol Addictions, Overeating Addictions, and Bad Habits - Charleston, SC

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Removing Smoking, Alcohol, Overeating, and Caffeine Addictions

Have you wished you could stop being a slave to cigarettes, but have tried to quit and it's just too hard?

Do you find yourself drinking endless cups of coffee or soda to get through each day?

Is cake your best friend that you cannot live without, but you also dread trying to button your jeans?

Or, do you find that the only way you can relax at night is with an alcoholic beverage, or several, to calm yourself from the stress of the day and go to sleep?

I'm Jenni, and I specialize in helping people kick these (and more!) bad habits. For good! Let me first preface that I am not a medical or mental health professional, and if your addiction is severe, you are best served by finding a medical professional first.

I have a proven method for releasing addictive behaviors from your nervous system once and for all. Studies have shown that most people who do manage to successfully quit drinking, smoking, overeating, or large consumption of caffeine, end up substituting a new addiction for the one they just left behind. They trade one for another, and never fully feel like they're progressing in their lives.

This same theory is true for any addiction - and any habit can be an addiction. I've worked with people addicted to anything ranging from cake frosting to reality television to alcohol and anything in between.

Are you ready to make your life happier and healthier?

Remove Addictions and Bad Habits!Contact Jenni with any questions you may have, or select a package from the menu to the left and sign up! You must be in the US or Canada, or if you are in another country, you must be able to speak English clearly and also willing to pay for the call. All sessions are done over the telephone, but if you have a Skype account that allows you to call regular phones, you are welcome to use that if you prefer.

For those in the Charleston area, we can meet in person for your first session if you like, though it is not required.

You may also contact Jenni to schedule a free consultation.

Start now, make your dreams a reality!

"Working with Jenni was an absolute joy. Her manner is so calm and relaxed, she made it easy to open up and get to the root of my drinking issue. After one session my issue was completely resolved! I know that's not always the norm but was for me. I believe Jenni's non-judgemental and easy going manner makes the process that much more effective since I felt totally relaxed opening up to her and I usually have trouble opening up even to people I'm close with. I'm still amazed that after ten years of this problem, I have zero desire to drink alcohol, and instead have been enjoying herbal teas before bed!" --Samantha, Charleston SC




Addiction Packages

No two people are alike. I encourage most clients to begin with a minimum of a five-session package for optimal results, but please keep in mind that it may take more sessions than this to resolve your addiction issues.

Please select your package from the menu below, or you may choose a single session to see if it feels like a good fit. I prefer the five session commitment to get started, but try to be flexible for my clients' needs.

All sessions are approx- imately 90 minutes each.

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