Dimensions: The Life of a Hybrid and Beyond - Reincarnation, Life Between lives

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"Dimensions: The Life of a Hybrid and Beyond"

Dimensions: The Life of a Hybrid and BeyondJenni has recently completed a short e-book focusing on key events in her life, and how they relate to her as a hybrid soul. Reasons behind particular struggles are explored, along with past life memories depicting various challenges in her journey in human form through roughly 4,000 years in Earth incarnations. Descriptions of the dimension where her soul once resided are given, and a startling discovery during hypnosis, showing a glimpse of her home dimension's spirit world during her life between lives.

Inspiring through showing how each of us has a unique purpose here, Jenni bares her soul, literally, as she opens up about past traumas and her unique journey. Her hope is that this will inspire others, especially other hybrid souls who are also struggling to acclimate to life in this place we call Earth.

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"Personal, thought-provoking and spiritual. Thanks for sharing so much about your life(s), Jenni!"
                                                                                                             --Linda Cook, Davenport, IA


"A true story and a fascinating insight into the world of a sensitive soul as she finds her way on earth, and comes to discover some of her past lives, as well as her real origins beyond this world, a world that is completely different. I really enjoyed reading your personal story Jenni, and found many parallels with my own journey. Thank you."                                                           --Radha Walker, Watford UK

"Dimensions" Excerpt

"I refer to this world as 'The Silver Place.'  That name does not begin to do it justice, but I have not found a better name for it, and as there are no words there, it does not describe itself with a name.  I will describe it to the best of my abilities in human terms, but the best I can do still leaves it as overly simplistic compared to its wonder.

The Silver Place is literally the mother of life there..."