Past Life Regression Sessions Hypnosis in Charleston, SC

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Past Life Regression General Info | Past Life Regression by Phone

Past Life Regression Sessions in Charleston
Easily accessible from Mount Pleasant, Summerville, North Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island, and Johns Island

*Phone Sessions also available - click here for more information!

I am offering Past Life Regression Sessions at a discounted rate for women in the Charleston area, as I am still in the earlier years of this portion of my practice. I have been seeing clients professionally in this area since January 1, 2014. You are paying for my time and level of expertise at this stage of my practice, as you will be here with me for around 2-3 hours total, including your interview time.

Past Life Regression Sessions in Charleston, SCYour actual hypnosis time varies. We will begin with an interview, which is really an informal chat about what you are hoping to gain from the session. I will be asking you questions about family members and other loved ones. I will also want to have a short list of questions you would like answered, 5-6 questions is good to have prepared before you come, though you may think of others as we are talking. You're welcome to bring more, though I ask that you place them in order of importance in case we cannot get to them all.

After our chat, I will have you use the rest room before returning to the comfy recliner, and I can supply you with pillows and cushions and blankets to ensure your comfort.

Once you are comfortable, I will test the recording equipment so you will have a recording of your session*, since some people do not remember everything afterward. It's a lot like dreaming, you may remember it all initially but it fades a bit later or the next day. Or, you may remember everything. But, its nice to have it all recorded in case you forget!

When we're all set up, I will begin to take you through the relaxation process, called the induction process. It's just a gentle, guided, relaxation. You'll feel surprisingly relaxed, as most people I see tell me that they doubt they'll be able to relax enough, and are surprised! Once you are deep into the alpha state, I will take you to a past life that will help you learn what is most applicable to whatever challenges you are facing right now. I do not choose which life to take you to; that is up to your Higher Self or your guides; perhaps a combination. Sometimes a client goes into their most recent past life, while others go far into the past. Some even go to other worlds!

We will learn as much as we can while you are visiting this past life, and then we will witness the death scene of that life. That sounds harsh to many people, but most find it to be very peaceful to witness, and some even find that it removes many of their fears and phobias in their current lifetime.

TreesAfter we go through the death scene, the sessions will vary. Some people feel drawn to going into the light, and may experience some of the events that take place after their soul leaves the body. Some are ready to come back to their present body right away. If the lifetime we visited was very brief and we were unable to learn much from it, we may visit a second past life.

The other portion of the session that I try to reach with the client is drawing in the Higher Self. This is the part of you that knows everything about you; everything about all of your past lives, and everything about what is taking place in your current life. Your Higher Self is also closely interconnected with everyone else. Much more so than most people realize! Some like to refer to it as the Collective Consciousness for this reason.

I will ask permission to speak with your Higher Self, and to ask questions for you. If you are able to remain in a very deep theta state, your Higher Self will come in and speak to me through you. It will feel very natural, because this is a part of you that you feel with you all of the time. But, it will be this part of you that is speaking to me, whereas usually when you speak it is with your waking consciousness, or ego.

If your Higher Self agrees to answer questions (they always do to some extent), and if you allow this entirely and submit to the process, I will slowly ask each question you've provided and obtain answers for you! This is an amazing experience, though I cannot guarantee that the Higher Self will come through, as you have to fully allow it. Some people become nervous about this process and resist, which brings them out of the deepest trance level. It's important that you feel as though you can trust me, and trust the process. If you're unsure, that's okay, but it also means that we probably won't be able to connect your Higher Self in this way.

After we've asked questions and heard the answers, I will slowly and gently bring you up out of hypnosis, one step at a time. Everything is very slow and gentle. Once you're fully awake and alert, you will probably want to take a short break, use the rest room, and have a drink of water and/or a snack (please bring one with you just in case). Then, we will chat a bit about your session, and I can answer any questions you may have. We'll see how much you remember, and I will help to fill in the parts you may not remember clearly. There also may be things that you saw or heard during the session that you did not speak aloud, so it's great if you share those things with me afterward so they are on the recording.

When we are all finished, and I am assured that you are alert enough to drive, we will part ways. I will transfer your audio file into Dropbox, and send you a share invitation (if you do not have Dropbox on your computer, I can send you an invitation to join for free). This way, you will have full access to your recording so you may listen to it at your leisure. PLEASE NEVER LISTEN TO THE AUDIO WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING!!! You may find that you resume a state of hypnosis and this could endanger you on the road.

Jenni, Past Life Regression Sessions in Charleston, SCExpert hypnotherapists with more training and experience than I have yet often charge $400-800 for these sessions. Please bear in mind that I am still in the earlier years of my practice, though I have completed and passed a course in past life regression and have practiced for about 6 years with numerous clients. I've also experienced past life regression, read many books on the topic intended for facilitators, and studied directly from my guides to further my understanding of this process. This is why I am offering these sessions for a limited time for only $195 for the full time! This is because it takes a great deal of my time, preparing the space and then 2-3 or more hours for your session, and then additional time that I spend after your session, preparing and sending your audio, and also the self-care that I require after conducting one of these.

As I have more experience and additional training, my rates are being raised, so don't wait! I'm so excited to have had so many WONDERFUL experiences with clients over the three plus years I've been providing this service. This is a GREAT opportunity for someone who would like to try out past life regression, but isn't quite ready to commit to the higher rates of someone more experienced.

Appointments are available in my West Ashley (Charleston) home office, conveniently located just off I-26 close to Summerville, North Charleston, and Goose Creek. I am scheduling for Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 now! All appointments are at 7pm, and are available Monday through Friday, and sometimes Sundays upon request. Don't wait to reserve your slot as they are filling up quickly. Please understand that I have a busy schedule, and if you have to cancel I may not be able to fill your slot after I've held that date for you, which is why I cannot refund your payment.

To make an appointment, or for any questions, email Jenni by clicking here. Please let me know what dates might be good for you and I will fit you in as dates are available, and include a phone number so that I can call you to discuss any questions you have. I will supply my address upon receipt of your payment. Please note that in-person past life regression sessions are only available to women. I also have phone sessions available for men and those who live out of the area, or anyone who prefers to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Please click the payment button below to pre-pay for your session, which then locks you into the date we agree upon!

*Please note that I cannot guarantee ideal results for your session. As mentioned, you are paying for my time and my level of experience. I do everything possible to ensure a great session but there are times that for various reasons this cannot be achieved. I also cannot guarantee that your recording will come through, be clear, etc. I take every caution to ensure that there are working batteries in my equipment, and always run a brief test to ensure that our microphones are plugged in properly and everything works. However, technical issues can happen, and you are paying for my time, work, training, and experience - not the recording. If for whatever reason the recording does not work, I will make every effort to recall as many details as possible of your session to tell you what you may not remember, and can even type it out for you in note format on an email. I do not, however, offer refunds based on a technical glitch or inability to reach an ideal hypnosis state. Thank you for understanding!

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Past Life Regression appointments are now being scheduled for Dec 2019 & Jan 2020! - book your session now!

The sessions are conducted at 7pm in my private Charleston home studio near I-526 and Savannah Hwy. I require payment in advance to reserve your appointment. Sessions are $195, and run from 2-3 hours total on average. Please understand that I have a busy schedule, and if you have to cancel I may not be able to fill your slot after I've held that date for you, which is why I cannot refund your payment.

To make an appointment, or for any questions, email Jenni by clicking here. Please let me know what dates might be good for you and I will fit you in as soon as I am able, and include a phone number so that I can call you to discuss any questions you have. I will supply my address upon receipt of your payment.