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Past Life Regression in Charleston (West Ashley)
Easily accessible from Mount Pleasant, Summerville, North Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island, and Johns Island

I have been surprised, when I began to mention to acquaintances that I facilitate past life regression, they asked, "What is that?" A couple different people asked, "Is that like Reiki?" No, it's not. Not directly, anyway.

If you've found this page, you very likely know what past life regression means. But, in case you've stumbled here by accident, or were interested in Reiki and are reading through my site, I'll start with the basics.

Past Life Regression is accessing one's past life or lives through a deep hypnotic trance state. That might sound highly complicated, but it's not. I hear so many people tell me that they could never, ever be hypnotized. In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth! We all (okay, most of us!) go to sleep each night, and wake each morning. The brain state just prior to falling asleep at night, and just before waking each morning, is theta, which is the same state as a deep hypnosis.

Lighter hypnosis is when the brain is experiencing alpha waves. We all spend a good bit of our day this way - when you are daydreaming, when you are driving on auto-pilot and your mind is drifting around, and you arrive home without quite remembering how you arrived so fast. When you space out between tasks at work. When you close your eyes for a few minutes at lunch, just to rest them. I could list many other examples.

You might wonder - if my brain is like this every day, why don't I already remember my past lives? (Most people don't, though a few do!) When you have a past life regression, you are not only guided gently into this very relaxed state, but also guided back through time into a past life memory that will help you with some issue you are having in your present.

Why would I want a Past Life Regression?

Many people choose past life regression out of simple curiosity. Typically, though, you will access a past life that will help you with something you are struggling with in your current life. This may be anything ranging from relationship troubles, struggles with a parent or sibling, or even a chronic physical ailment. Of course, I can never promise a cure from any ailment, but there are many documented cases of someone with chronic shoulder pain - that doctors are unable to pinpoint the cause of, even in MRIs - only to visit a past life under hypnosis where that person was shot in the shoulder. Often, after this type of case, the chronic issue resolves on its own. This is not something to be expected, as it certainly does not happen in every session, but it's a nice side effect!

I'm afraid I'll be stuck in another lifetime.

This is a common fear, and one that I once held myself many years ago! I can assure you that this cannot and will not happen, and I implement safeguards against it just to be on the safest side possible. I have read countless studies of past life regressions done by several notorious hypnotherapists, and studied the process, and have yet to hear of someone being stuck as a different persona. But, as a safeguard, I will always ask while you are in hypnosis to leave that personality in the past before I bring you back into your body.

I don't want to be out of control - isn't hypnosis mind control?

This is a very common myth about hypnosis, and couldn't be further from the truth. You are in control at all times, and can think of it as a light sleep - which is precisely what it is. There is no danger to you at all, and if I were to ask you to do something that you were unwilling to do when completely awake, you still would not do this under hypnosis. Imagine that you are in your bed, starting to drift off to sleep, and your smoke alarm goes off. Do you continue to fall asleep? Probably not. You most likely would jump awake and deal with a potential emergency (or change a faulty battery). Hypnosis is no different. It is the same brain wave state you are in when you are starting to drift off to sleep, only you are remaining there instead of entering the deeper delta state which is deep sleep.

What if I don't remember my session after I wake up?

Some people remember every detail quite clearly, though most forget a few things and need to be reminded - just like after waking from a dream, it might seem a bit vague. Some people only remember the earlier parts, and forget the parts that came up as they went deeper. A few people are what we call somnambulists, and wake up remembering nothing! Although often, those are the most detailed sessions. I record every session on a digital voice recorder, and after your session you will be invited to join a shared Dropbox folder with me (if you are not familiar with Dropbox, it is a free data storage space, and you can sign up here) where I will upload the audio file of your session. You will have 2-3 weeks to move the file to another location before I must delete the shared folder to free up space for other clients.

*Please note that I cannot guarantee your recording will come through, be clear, etc. I take every caution to ensure that there are working batteries in my equipment, and always run a brief test to ensure that our microphones are plugged in properly and everything works. However, technical issues can happen, and you are paying for the session itself - my time and work - not the recording. If for whatever reason the recording does not come out, I will make every effort to recall as many details as possible of your session to tell you what you may not remember, and can even type it out for you in note format on an email. I do not, however, offer refunds based on a technical glitch. Thank you for understanding!

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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression appointments are conducted at 7pm in my Charleston (West Ashley) home studio near I-526 and Savannah Hwy. I require payment in advance to reserve your appointment. Please understand that I have a busy schedule, and if you have to cancel I may not be able to fill your slot after I've held that date for you, which is why I cannot refund your payment.