Policies for Reiki, Channeling, and Past Life Regression Hypnosis

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TreesPlease note that all sessions are non-refundable. Distance sessions and channelings may be rescheduled or gifted to someone else if notice is given 24 hours or more in advance. Past life regression sessions and in person Reiki sessions may only be rescheduled with 3 full days or more notice, due to the nature of scheduling these types of sessions. I am blocking off this time just for you, and may not be able to fill that slot when it reaches the last few days prior to your session.

I am not a medical doctor, and do not prescribe anything as such. I never advise you to take or discontinue any medical treatments. Reiki is an alternative modality intended to compliment Western medicine, not as a replacement for such. Please do not discontinue seeing your doctor or taking any medications that s/he has prescribed. Any recommendations made by your doctor should be followed.

I am not a therapist or grief counselor and do not take the place of such. I am an ordained minister and priestess, and as such am able to offer spiritual counseling. This does not in any way, shape, or form take the place of psychological counseling. I do not recommend discontinuing any therapy or counseling you are receiving. I also do not recommend any substitute for that type of care. Channeling and spiritual counseling/coaching only compliment, not take the place of, psychological counseling.

Any channeled information that you receive from me may not be used for legal purposes or is intended as medical advice. Upon purchasing a channeling session, you must agree to the disclaimer by writing that is on the channeling page of this website prior to my conducting your session. I am required by law to note that this service is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions

In-person past life regression sessions are only available to women, though this service is available by phone for men as well as those who prefer not to travel to my location. Please arrive on time for your session, as I have blocked off this time just for you. Your session will be a total of 2-3 hours, including interview time prior to hypnosis, and discussion time following. If you arrive late, it cuts into the time you will spend in hypnosis. Please remember that there are no guarantees as to what you will see, or if you will remain in hypnosis for all of the intended time. Even expert hypnotherapists do not have 100% success rates, and as explained, I have been practicing this service for roughly 5 years and have increased my rates as my experience level has grown. This is factored into the rates you are being charged, as more experienced veteran hypnotherapists charge $350 or more for this same service.

Distance Reiki Sessions

These sessions are typically done at night (unless other arrangements are agreed upon) when you are winding down from your day or already asleep. Follow up after your session is provided by email. If you would like more in-depth information I have learned from your session, or have extensive questions about your upcoming healing journey, I am available by phone for intuitive healing coaching at an additional fee.

In-Person Reiki Sessions

Your in-person Reiki Session will be a total of one hour (or greater, depending upon which service you have purchased). This includes time to discuss your intake form (which must be filled out prior to your session or this will further cut into your allotted time), as well as time following your Reiki to discuss your session. The actual time you will receive Reiki will be approximately 40-45 minutes for a 60 minute session.

I do not guarantee cure of any medical or psychological condition. Reiki is very helpful to many people, but there are no guarantees. As stated above, please do not discontinue seeing your doctor or following his or her advice.

In-person Reiki Sessions are only available to women. I will consider seeing a teen, if her mother or female guardian accompanies her, on a case by case basis. Men, teen boys, and any children under the age of 13 may receive Distance Reiki sessions (under 18 to be arranged by a parent or guardian).

Thank you, and Namaste~


Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions are available for anyone, anywhere in the world! I work with clients as far away as Australia and Italy.

I offer these sessions in various time increments, please select the one that you would like:

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Jenni will contact your loved one who has passed on for you, ask questions (please see disclaimer at the bottom of the page), and relate the entire conversation to you!

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