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Reiki and Healing for Pets -
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Horses, Birds - Any Animal!

Reiki and energy healing are just as important for your pet as for people. Jenni works extensively with animals of all types. Reiki can make a wonderful compliment to traditional veterinary care for a specific ailment, and is also helpful for perking up a pet who is slowing down due to age or grieving a companion.

Jenni has found that most pets usually prefer shorter time lengths, with more frequency. Generally 10 or 20 minute sessions are maximum, though some pets enjoy slightly longer sessions after they become accustomed to Reiki. Jenni has also found that some horses enjoy longer sessions than smaller animals might.

Pet Testimonials

Reiki for Rabbits!This senior bunny had low energy and was also experiencing pain from arthritis. His younger bondmate was running and playing, while he watched from the sidelines, wanting desperately to be playing along side her.

His human set up bi-weekly appointments for him to receive Reiki from Jenni, and within a couple of weeks he was acting "much bouncier", as she described it! Before long, he was keeping up with his bondmate much of the time, and enjoying playtime again. We continued maintenance sessions for 3 months, twice weekly, to help keep his energy levels up. He is happier, healthier, and more playful!


Candy - Reiki Dog in ItalyCandy is a small dog who lives in northern Italy. She experienced mammary tumors in late 2012, and began Reiki twice weekly with Jenni at that time. Her mom hoped that surgery could be averted, but a couple of months later, despite a shrinkage of the tumors, her vet decided that they should still be removed.

Following Candy's surgery, Reiki was continued to speed the healing process, and her vet was impressed at how quickly she healed.

Candy also experienced back pain, which the Reiki has helped tremendously with. Candy continues to receive regular Reiki sessions to help with her general energy levels and overall well being. She had her annual checkup in February 2014, and her vet says that she seems younger and in overall better health than she did three years prior!

UPDATE: Sadly, Candy passed away in January of 2018 after a very long and full life. Both myself and her human mom (and her veterinarian even thought it likely!) agree that it is thanks to Reiki that she had such a long and full life!

Fufu Bunny Rabbit ReikiFufu is a rabbit who experienced a chronic upper respiratory infection (URI). Her vet prescribed various antibiotics, and nothing was clearing it up. She experienced frantic sneezing fits that often lasted several minutes, and had nasal discharge that she was constantly cleaning.

Her vet suggested Benadryl, which helped somewhat, and even tried an herbal remedy of echinacea (known to boost the immune system). The echinacea also helped some, but after a short while, the URI was just as severe as ever. So, the next step was trying Reiki. Jenni used Reiki three times per week initially, and as Fufu's symptoms decreased, Jenni was guided to gradually reducing the frequency of sessions to twice weekly, then to weekly, and eventually to just twice per month to help maintain Fufu's wellness. Her vet was so impressed that he will sometimes now suggest Reiki to other patients (if he feels they are open minded enough!).

Gigi, young cat / kitty lost and receiving ReikiGigi is a young cat who had a terrifying adventure. Her mom had just moved to a new state, and their first day in their new home, Gigi - who must have been confused about where they were - ran out the door and took off. Gigi was normally an indoor kitty and unaccustomed to fending for herself outdoors. She scurried out the door when it opened, too fast for her mom to catch her.

Gigi's mom had Jenni send her Reiki to help her cope and release her stress and fear until she could be found. Jenni also focused on photos of the neighborhood and "the way home" that Gigi's mom sent, in the hopes that it might help Gigi to find her own way home as her mom searched the streets for her desperately.

Gigi was finally found after about three weeks of living on the streets! She was skinny, but she was unharmed and her mom is thankful for the Reiki that she feels helped to keep Gigi from overstressing and becoming ill, or worse.

Jenni has worked with many different animals over the years, these are just a few of her success stories!
She would love to add your pet to the list~


Time Lengths

Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions for pets are available for any animal, anywhere in the world! I work with clients as far away as Australia and Italy.

I offer these sessions in various time increments, please select the one that you would like:

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