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About Jenni
Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Medium Channeler, MCSE

Jenni, Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Medium ChannelerA sensitive soul, Jenni has been working with energy since she was a young child. She didn't understand the concept of energy work at that stage in her life, but inherently knew that if she focused in the right way, she could ease her joint pain or eliminate her migraine headaches that plagued her. Jenni developed Lyme disease before she was two, so had plenty of symptoms to work on and developed several methods of easing or eliminating them, at least temporarily.

The trouble with the energy methods that Jenni developed on her own during childhood, was that they required some of her own energy to enable them to work. Oftentimes, before she would realize that a severe migraine was well on its way, it would be too late for her to muster up the energy needed to work on it. This was frustrating for her, which is why finding Reiki in her early 30's was such a wondrous event, as Reiki does not use any of the pracitioner's own energy.

Meanwhile, Jenni saw dead people. Not actually seeing them with her eyes, but sensing their presence. Initially, this gift frightened her and she tried to hide it from others so as not to seem even more "different" than she was already perceived. After her then-boyfriend passed away in 1995 and visited her regularly, Jenni became increasingly proficient at communication with those who have left their bodies. She still speaks regularly to that past boyfriend, and also communicates on the behalf of friends and clients with their loved ones who have passed on. She takes great pleasure in being able to ease the grief, even just a little bit, of someone in great pain by passing on messages from his or her loved one.

Jenni also enjoys channeling spirit guides for her clients, and is able to glean important life information this way.

Jenni began studying Reiki in 2003, and has been a Reiki Master / Teacher since 2005. She teaches small workshops and online courses, and also offers Reiki sessions in-person and via long distance to people and pets. She incorporates other energetic healing techniques that she has developed herself into her Reiki sessions, and also incorporates some Shamanic healing techniques. Jenni utilizes Reiki to work in her clients' energy fields, and is often able to locate blockages and help to clear them up, thus helping people to advance in their personal healing. She is also available for Spiritual Counseling and as an Intuitive Healing Facilitator.

Eager to learn about a variety of energetic healing modalities, Jenni was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in 2008 through her dear friend and colleague. She was enamored with the process, and has studied EFT with a variety of practitioners, including a 20-month course in incorporating EFT with the Law of Attraction (LoA) taught by two EFT Masters, Dr. Patricia Carrington and Lindsay Kenny. Jenni utilizes the LoA in her everyday life and is eager to help others learn to do the same.

Jenni completed training for conducting Past Life Regression Hypnosis and has been offering sessions since January 2014. Please see the pages about past life regression and sessions for more information. Jenni has also received her certification in French Aromatic Medicine from The School for Aromatic Studies as of 2016, and information on that modality is coming soon!

Combining all of these skills and training, Jenni strives to help others to be the very best they can be!


"Jenni is definitely one of the strongest Reiki Masters from whom I've received Reiki, and I have worked with at least a dozen.  Her energy is warm and pleasant, and very relaxing.  She knows where the energy needs to go, and often uses aromatherapy or gemstone healing along with the Reiki, which makes it more powerful.  Her physical presence is reassuring and safe, and she often has insights to share after a session.  I will go to her feeling stressed and confused, and come away relaxed with a new sense of well-being." 
                                                                            - Rachel Hazelwood, Tap & Be Free 




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Distance Reiki Sessions are available for anyone, anywhere in the world! I work with clients as far away as Australia and Italy.

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