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What is PLR? | Past Life Regression Sessions

Past Life Regression Sessions via Phone

Based in Charleston, SC but available from anywhere in the US
or Canada!

As you may have read on other pages, I am based in Charleston, SC within easy access of Mount Pleasant, James Island, Johns Island, North Charleston, Goose Creek, and Summerville. That said, I am now offering phone sessions as of 2019. This allows me to work with men, as my in-person sessions are only for women as my studio is part of my home. It also allows for those who live in other areas but want a session to work with me without traveling here.

The same basics of a session apply; please refer back to the main Past Life Regression Sessions page for basic session information.

The differences are that you are responsible for providing a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for yourself. My in-person sessions are currently $195, but because you will be responsible for these little logistics I discount $20 off that rate for phone sessions.

What you will need:

You'll want to ensure that you are in a private setting where no one will disturb you in person or by beeping into the phone. If you're on a landline or have a second cell phone, please make sure that phone is fully silenced (no vibrate, that seems loud during this!). If you have pets, you'll want to ensure that they are in a different part of the house so they won't jump on you or disturb you in any other way during your session. If you have young children, I recommend having them with a family member, friend, or sitter away from the home so that you won't have to be concerned about their care or about their disturbing you.

You will need to make sure you can recline in a comfortable manner. In my studio, I use a recliner for my clients to get comfortable in, but in your own home you may prefer to use a comfortable sofa or even your bed to lie down. The important thing here is that you are either reclined or lying down, and comfortable. Have pillows, throws, etc. nearby to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Check to ensure that the temperature is comfortable and adjust before the session if need be.

As explained in the main Sessions page, we'll be just talking for a little while before we begin the actual hypnosis, and then you will have a short break to use the rest room and empty your bladder. So if you forget any of these comforts, you'll have a few minutes where you can take care of those also.

As all of the talking that you do during the session can make you quite thirsty by the time you're done, I suggest that you have a glass of water nearby because you may not feel quite ready to jump up and go get some when we first finish. After I bring you out of hypnosis, you'll have a chance to drink some water, and we can spend a few minutes talking about your session before finishing up.

Will it still be recorded?

Yes! Although I tell all of my clients I cannot guarantee a recording in the event of technical issues, I do everything possible to ensure you'll have a recording of your session. Within roughly a few days following your session, I will email you a Dropbox link with an MP3 of the session. In the rare event of a technical issue, I will answer any questions you may have about parts of the session you may have forgotten.

I might not remember my session? What's that about?!

Think of a lot like waking up from a dream. Sometimes you might recall a dream vividly, and other times you remember bits and pieces but not the entire thing. And still other times, you may not remember at all. I've found that the majority of people remember at least some, if not most, of their sessions. But there are those folks whom we refer to as "somnambulists" who don't remember it at all - a lot like how people who sleepwalk don't remember doing so. In these rare cases, the recording can be most valuable. If for whatever reason there is a recording failure, I will do my best to reconstruct everything I remember from your session and either tell you verbally over the phone or type it out in an email for you. After nearly 6 years of doing this in person, I've never had a technical failure and lost a recording, but I still cannot guarantee it as these things can happen. But you're paying for my time and experience, not the recording.

What if the call is dropped?

While again, technical issues can and do happen, we want to do everything possible to avoid that. I use a digital landline phone on my end, which is connected to a battery backup as is my modem in the event of a brief power failure. There's always a chance my internet provider might glitch out, but that is rare.

If you're using a cell phone, please make sure that you have a strong signal in your home, especially in the room that you choose for the session. Also make sure that your battery is fully charged, and even better yet connected to the charger if possible. We'll be on the line for roughly 2-3 hours, so you may want to check ahead of time to ensure that your cell battery is capable of that amount of time if you aren't planning to keep it plugged in.

If we still lose the call for some reason after you're in hypnosis, one of two things will happen. You'll either wake up after a few minutes of not hearing my voice, or you'll fall asleep. If you wake up, please call me right back and we can attempt to resume where we left off. Most people have little difficulty going back into hypnosis after a brief disruption, so it's doubtful there would be an issue. If you should fall asleep, and it takes longer than 15 minutes or so for me to hear back from you, I'll assume we are finished for the evening. If that were to happen early in our session, I will consider on a case by case basis rescheduling your session at no cost, at a discount rate, or full price, depending on a variety of factors including how far along we were in the session.

Do I need an earpiece?

I highly recommend that you use some method of hands-free. You can have your phone on speaker, but if it's lying on top of you and you shift position, it could then fall away from you making it more difficult for us to hear each other. If you have a Bluetooth hands-free earpiece, that is ideal. Even a wired hands-free microphone/earpiece works well so long as the sound is clear. If you use a Bluetooth device, please also ensure that it's fully charged and able to handle at least 3 hours without losing battery power.

What about Skype?

I've considered Skype sessions, but I find that the technology isn't as reliable as a phone. Not to mention that it may be awkward for you to set up a laptop or angle a tablet just right for us to use this. I've tested Skype calls to several people in various areas and found that often the connection is dropped, and even more often the sound becomes garbled periodically. For this type of session, we want to do everything we can to ensure a clear connection that is unlikely to be dropped.

I have more questions!

That's great! Did you read the pages about PLR and the sessions in general? If so, and you still have questions, please feel free to email me! I'm also happy to set up a short phone consultation to answer any further questions you may have, and always like to speak with my clients for a short while (10-20 minutes) at least a few days prior to their sessions.

Ready? Order your session now!

*Please note that I cannot guarantee ideal results for your session. As mentioned, you are paying for my time and my level of experience. I do everything possible to ensure a great session but there are times that for various reasons this cannot be achieved. I also cannot guarantee that your recording will come through, be clear, etc. I take every caution to ensure that my equipment is working prior to the start of a session. However, technical issues can happen, and you are paying for my time, work, training, and experience - not the recording. If for whatever reason the recording does not work, I will make every effort to recall as many details as possible of your session to tell you what you may not remember, and can even type it out for you in note format on an email. I do not, however, offer refunds based on a technical glitch or inability to reach an ideal hypnosis state. In the event of loss of communication because of a dropped call or equipment failure, I evaluate these on a case by case basis as explained above but am not liable for these issues beyond my control. Thank you for understanding!



Past Life Regression phone appointments are conducted at 7pm Eastern time zone over the phone. I require payment in advance to reserve your appointment. Please understand that I have a busy schedule, and if you have to cancel I may not be able to fill your slot after I've held that date for you, which is why I cannot refund your payment.

I may be able to schedule later sessions upon request, which may be beneficial for those in the Mountain or Pacific time zones.