Channeling Your Spirit Guide - Asking Deep Life and Past Life Questions

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Channeling Spirit Guides - Answering Your Deep Questions

Perhaps you have questions about your life - its meaning, purpose, if you're on the right track. Perhaps you want to understand why you've been through something tragic, something interesting, something challenging.

EagleWe all have questions. And we each have spirit guides to help us navigate through these lives, assisting us as we go. Most of us aren't really aware of their presence on a conscious level, though. Sometimes we are vaguely aware that we made a decision that didn't quite feel like something we'd normally do, but turned out to be the best thing possible. That's often our guides at work. But few of us allow ourselves to be open enough to really listen, and have a dialogue with our guides.

That's where I come in.

I can't guarantee that your guide will be willing to speak with me, or that s/he will be willing to answer all of your questions the way you might like. They can often be cryptic, and often will answer a question with information that wasn't exactly what we are looking for. But it's the information they want us to have; what is valuable to our spiritual development.

If you schedule a channeling session with me to have your guide answer questions, we will arrange a specific night. I will attempt to contact your guide first, who may or may not agree to speak with me on your behalf. If your guide does not wish to speak with me, I can speak with a highly evolved soul who can answer your questions for you instead. I can instead try to contact your guide the following night, unless I've received an absolute no, s/he isn't willing to talk to me (hasn't happened yet!).

Just as when I channel a loved one no longer in their body for someone, you will not be present during the channeling. I typically conduct my channelings late at night when I can focus on the conversation. I ask your questions, and any additional questions that will help clarify the answers I receive. You receive a typed transcript of the entire conversation including the answers I've received.


What I need from you

Upon completing payment, you will send me via email your agreement to the disclaimer at the end of this page in writing.  You will also send me a photo of yourself that will aid me in contacting your guide, and at least 2-3 questions to ask your loved one in spirit, and I will do my best to get at least one answer (more if time allows).  Feel free to include as many questions as you like, but remember that I will only be able to obtain as many answers as time permits. Please list your questions in order of importance so I know which to begin with. I am often able to receive answers to as many as six questions in a one-hour session, but if your guide needs to elaborate greatly on the answers it may be less. Please also let me know your pronoun preferences; remember that I am translating thoughts, rarely receiving specific words, so without pronoun preferences I will just use the pronouns that seem fitting for the name I receive.

You may send as many questions as you'd like, but please remember to keep them in the order of importance. If I can get to them all, I will!

What you will receive from me:

You will receive an email from me with a transcript of my communication with your guide.

Here is an example.  This is taken from an actual channeling for a client with her permission, though names have been changed for anonymity purposes:

The following channeling excerpt is only a small portion of an hour session:

Jenni:  Loila, thank you for agreeing to come through and answer some questions for me to assist Catherine in her journey.  Catherine’s first question is “what can I know about my most significant past lives that will help me progress spiritually and physically in this life . I want a compilation of past life accomplishments and fails”

Loila: We don’t allow past life information to come forward into consciousness in a new body because it can be so confusing for most.  But many people today are accessing this information as we allow and as it may be helpful.  Your incarnations on this planet Earth are ones where you have largely embraced the physical and not generally even acknowledged the spiritual.  This is a part of the reason you chose to have these challenges with the body you have today.  Balance is everything.  You also chose to be female in this lifetime because females in the country where you are living are somewhat more inclined than males generally are to embrace the spiritual rather than the physical. 

Jenni: Loila, is there an example of how Catherine was overly physical in a past life that you will share to help her understand the difference?

L: (showing me an image of a male from what looks like medieval times, in armour and with a large round metal shield and a sword) there was violence and no attention to going within.  No attention to the soul.

J: Thank you, Loila.  Has Catherine had any incarnations when she came closer to attaining this balance?

L: No, she came as a woman another time and tried to become a nun, knowing that she was supposed to be embracing spirituality.  But she didn’t believe in what she was doing, it was like following something by rote just for the sake of doing it to get it done.  Then she broke her vows and became sexually involved with a local man living near the abbey, and she was removed from her standing.  She was following a path that may have been helpful for her except that she chose that path for the wrong reasons which is how she was so easily led astray from it.

J: Thank you, are there any other examples that would be helpful for her right now?

L: Those are sufficient. 

This is just a small excerpt, but I hope that it's helpful in your understanding what you will receive. Once you receive the emailed transcript from me, you are more than welcome to contact me to clarify any of the information that has come through. Much of what they communicate to me is in thoughts, and I'm translating it into words, so if there is any confusion about what they mean, I may be able to help you to better understand it.

"Whoa! This is so exciting! Thank you, Jenni, for all of your help. I have a much deeper understanding now about my purpose in this life, and why I've had to go through some of these awful things. It is awesome to have all of these answers!" --C. M.

My greatest goal with this work is to help others to have a clearer picture of their purpose, their challenges, their goals, and to be abe to more fully enjoy life! Please let me know if you should have any questions about me or my process. Namaste~


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Channeling Guides

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