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Channeling Sessions

Hi, my name is Jenni, and I see dead people.

Jenni, Channeling Psychic MediumOk, I don’t usually “see” them, but I sense their presence and am often able to communicate with them. 

I’m not sure exactly when it began, but probably at birth.  I remember being very little, 2 or 3 years old, and sensing a woman who came into my bedroom at night.  I was frightened, and at that age it never occurred to me to try and talk to her.  She probably could tell that I was the only one in the house who could sense her, and wanted to communicate.

After several similar experiences throughout childhood and young adulthood, I finally learned to develop my gift so that I could communicate with the spirits around me. 

I have been using my gift whenever possible to help those who have recently lost loved ones; to help them to communicate when they cannot do so directly.

Grief / mourning is difficult enough, but when your loved one who has passed is trying to speak to you, to let you know that s/he is okay, and you cannot hear, it just makes it more difficult.

I cannot bring your loved one back, but I can usually offer a communication with him/her on your behalf.  This can help the grieving process and I have been told by clients that it has helped them to reach peace over their loved ones’ passing.

"I have shown my kids and several others the session, overwhelmingly everyone says that is Ken for sure and asks me if it helps to bring closure for me. I can truly say I am so grateful to you and your God-given talent because I am healing so much now. Please know, you are MY gift from spirit!" - Beverly McCullough


What I need from you:

Channeling Psychic MediumUpon completing payment, you will send me via email your agreement to the disclaimer at the end of this page in writing.  You will also send me the name of the deceased loved one that you would like me to contact, his/her date of death (or estimate, if it’s been awhile), and if at all possible, a photo of him/her.  I also need your name and relationship to the deceased so I can explain to him/her why I am contacting him/her.

You may, if you like, include 2-3 questions to ask your loved one in spirit, and I will do my best to get at least one answer (more if time allows).  Please list your questions in order of importance so I know which to begin with.

What you will receive from me:

You will receive, within 5 days of my receipt of the above requirements (usually faster but if I need to make a few attempts it may take up to 5 days), an email from me with any impressions I have received from your loved one.   This may be in paragraph format and just include impressions that s/he has given me, or if we have a very clear communication it may include a full dialogue format.

Here are a couple of examples.  These are taken from actual channelings for clients, though names and some details have been changed for anonymity purposes:

Here is one where I had a very loose connection. 

“I get the sense that Larry is staying close to his wife and to you and some other family members, and wants to stay that way for a little longer, then go to the spirit world (my words, don’t know what he is calling it but that’s the sense I get, more of impressions than specific words). 

I asked if Larry had a message for you, that I can type one if he tells me anything, and he seems to be very at peace with little to say to anyone… he just says that he loves you and that you’ll always be his ____  _____ (I have trouble with names and terms, I guess some sort of term of endearment he’s used for you?  Little something maybe?  Not sure.). 

I am sensing SO much more peace from him than the other spirits I’ve been in contact with recently.  It’s nice to know he feels that way, though also disappointing that he isn’t really interested in communicating much.  I get the impression that even though you and other family perceived his death as sudden, that a part of him knew it was coming and was relatively prepared.”

Here is another example where I had a much stronger communication; the spirit was very interested in communicating.  This was a short excerpt from our 3rd session together:

J: Bob, Leann has some questions for you.  Can you try to help with that?
B: She should not feel bad.  It was my time, it was planned out that way, I just didn’t remember.
J: I know, you said that the other day.  But she wants to know if she could have done anything different that would have kept you alive.
B: Probably not.  There are unlimited possibilities, but this was what we decided.
J: When did you decide this?
B: Before we incarnated into that life.
J: I see.  Do you know if she could have helped you if she got to you sooner?  It’s important to her to know.
B: No, I don’t think so.  As I said, unlimited possibilities, but this was the most likely one.  But it was time.  This was how it was supposed to be.  I’m sorry they are hurting.  I don’t want anyone to hurt.  Tell her I’m sorry. 
J: So, you are saying that many things could have happened, but this was meant to happen and it wasn’t her fault?
B: NO it wasn’t her fault!!
J: That’s what I thought, but I also thought it was important to clarify since Leann is feeling really badly right now.  She misses you, and is very sad, but she is also feeling guilty and wondering many “what if’s”
B: I know.  I want to take that away.  It’s no one’s fault.  It just is.


Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee as to what level of communication I will be able to reach; it is solely dependent upon the spirit’s willingness and ability and interest to communicate with me.  Whenever possible, I try to use the dialogue format but it is not possible with every spirit.


(You must agree to these terms and conditions in the email you send me):

This is for entertainment purposes only.  None of the information conveyed in this channeling may be used for legal purposes.  This is not a substitute for grief counseling or other psychological help, and I am not a physician nor am I in any way shape or form prescribing any treatment.  You will not receive any tangible goods from me, only an email with as much information as I am able to receive.

I am a medium and channeler, but I do not control those in spirit form.  It is up to them if and when they are willing to communicate with me.  I will make up to 3 attempts to communicate with your loved one, and if I do not receive a clear connection within those attempts, I will then email you whatever impressions I have received at that point.  You are paying for an hour of my time (or less, whichever option you choose), with no explicit guarantees that you will receive answers to your questions.  You agree to these terms by purchasing a session, and also agree via email after payment is made.  You also agree that I do not offer refunds because there is no guarantee as to what level of communication will be made. 
Thank you, and Namaste~

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Jenni will contact your loved one who has passed on for you, ask questions (please see disclaimer at the bottom of the page), and relate the entire conversation to you!

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