Reiki Sessions in Charleston, SC - Distance & In Person Sessions

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Reiki Sessions in Charleston, SC -
or Anywhere in the World!

Jenni offers Reiki Sessions in two different ways - Distance or In-Person.

Distance Sessions are available for anyone, anywhere in the world. Energy is not constricted by time or space, so Jenni is able to work on your energy from the comfort of your own home, wherever in the world you may be. She has clients as far away as Australia!

In-Person sessions are conducted at Jenni's Charleston, SC home studio.

What difference does it make?

Some people might feel a bit unsure about the concept of distance Reiki. There is absolutely no difference at all in its efficacy. Reiki works whether Jenni is working on you in her home, 5 miles away, or 5000 miles away. It is just as effective.

Why Distance Reiki? I live in (or near) Charleston, SC.

Reiki can be done easily and efficiently from a distance, by those who are trained and attuned at Reiki II or above (Jenni is a Reiki Master / Teacher). Distance sessions provide many benefits: The recipient can be in another city or even another country, s/he can lie comfortably on his or her own bed or sofa, and there is no need to drive in Charleston traffic and use time and gas to reach an office location. Another convenient factor is that if the recipient does not wish to commit to a full session, shorter sessions are available. The benefits of distance Reiki are just the same as those done in person.

In many cases, Jenni is able to focus more on you, the client, during a distance session. This is simply for practical reasons. She does not need to be concerned about offering you a blanket because you look cold, or leave you to adjust the air conditioning or heat. She does not need to worry about the fact that the neighbor's dog is barking or that a noisy delivery truck just pulled up outside, which might disturb you if you are in person. She can trust that you are in an environment where you feel most comfortable, have adjusted your surroundings to meet your personal comfort needs, and can focus entirely on the Reiki Session itself.

I'd prefer an In-Person Session; I'm unsure about Distance Reiki.

That is fine! Distance Sessions are more readily available because of scheduling constraints, but Jenni is happy to work with women in person (sorry, guys, but sessions for men are only available for distance sessions). Most in person sessions are available evenings, including some weekend evenings. You may need to schedule a week or more in advance, depending upon Jenni's availability. This is one of the benefits of distance Reiki; Jenni can do these late at night when you are home, comfy in your own bed, and most of the time they are available on shorter notice. But if you feel more comfortable with the idea of an in person session, Jenni will do her best to fit you in as soon as she can!

How do I set up a distance session?

It's easy! Just click the drop-down menu just above and to the left of this text, and select the timeframe you'd like. Then click the "Buy Session" button below the drop-down menu. This will automatically direct you to Jenni's Paypal checkout page. You do not need to have a Paypal account; it is very easy and will guide you through entering your information. If you have any problems, or have questions before committing to a session, please email Jenni and she will be happy to help!

After Jenni receives your payment, she will contact you and ask for your full name, location, and if possible, a photo of yourself. This information will help her make the strongest connection to you that she can. She will also ask if you have a specific issue or ailment that you'd like her to focus on.

Because Reiki is passive, in that you are not needed to participate in any way, these sessions are usually conducted late at night, when you are relaxed and perhaps sleeping. You don't need to be on the phone or active in any way. Jenni will send you an email the following day to update you on any impressions she received during your session.

How do I set up an in-person session?

Please email Jenni to schedule a session. Include 2-3 different dates that are convenient for you, and what time(s) in the evening you're available. In person sessions are not available for time lengths shorter than one hour, and rates are a bit higher because of logistical requirements.

  • 60 Minute Session - $95
  • 75 Minute Session - $115
  • 90 Minute Session - $125

Combination sessions for Past Life Regression and in person Reiki are coming soon!

Once you've agreed upon a time for scheduling, Jenni will email you an invoice to complete payment prior to the session, and an intake form to fill out. This makes it easier for everyone, you don't have to worry about remembering to bring cash, and it allows you to use a credit or debit card to pay for your session. If you would like to bring cash for a gratuity, it is always appreciated!

Time Lengths

How will I feel during and after Reiki?

clouds-reikiMost people report feeling very relaxed during and after a Reiki treatment.  Most describe it as a peaceful feeling, and one young first-time recipient recently told me that it felt like "floating on a cloud" with a huge smile.  A Reiki practitioner's hands will often feel hot, and warmth is commonly experienced while receiving Reiki.  Everyone's experience is somewhat different.  Some people really don't feel any different at all, though most people who tell me that they did not feel anything act noticeably spacy or out of it after their treatment; clearly they are feeling significantly more relaxed.  Even if a recipient does not experience anything at all, the Reiki is still working, and results may be seen as quickly as the same day or as delayed as one or two months. 

Many people report feeling very thirsty after a session, so if you're having a distance session, you may want to have a glass of water by your bedside or next to your sofa. If you're having an in person session, you are welcome to bring your own water bottle, or Jenni will offer you a glass of water when your session is complete. If it's appropriate for you, you may want to drink more water than you normally would over the following 24 hours, as your bodoy will be working to detoxify itself. Please make sure that you follow any medical instructions from your doctor as usual.

Because of the detoxification process, please plan to abstain from alcoholic beverages and any other avoidable toxins for at least 24 hours following your Reiki session. Your body will be working hard to remove as many toxins as possible from your body, so adding more into it only makes the job more difficult.

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Time Lengths

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Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki Sessions are available for anyone, anywhere in the world! I work with clients as far away as Australia and Italy.

I offer these sessions in various time increments, please select the one that you would like:

Time Lengths

Please select a time length from the drop down menu above, and then click "Buy Session" to be redirected to Paypal - which is always safe and secure. You do not need an account there to check out. Thank you!


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